Monday, January 5, 2009

On a Personal Note.....

Ok, so my guys went hunting for new year and left me home alone with the 2 little ones. No big deal. The little ones and I went to church and had a blast playing games, eating and spending time with our church family. Oh yeah, the big guys did stop by the church just long enough to eat with us. LOL

Soooo, my 16 year old got a deer this weekend. Being that this is the first hunting season he and his dad have had and this was his first "kill" he was so excited. THEN they inform me that there is going to be a dead deer hanging in my garage. As if THAT wasn't bad enough, they get home and then inform me that there is a dead SKINNED deer hanging in my garage. Great, I had invited a couple friends over for stamping saturday.....NOT going to happen now that I know my guys will be out there cutting up a dead deer. NOT a site I want my stampin' friends to pull into my driveway and witness. LOL So I made every effort to avoid the garage while this deer was hanging out there. But don't you know I got a glimpse of it anyway. Oh how gross. I felt so bad for that poor deer and now hubby expects me to actually cook and eat this meat????? I am not so sure about this. But now that we have a freezer full of deer meat I suppose I'm not going to have much of a choice.......I wonder if I can just convince my guys to just have one of my meal shakes instead. LOL That's not going to happen. I can say this though, if I had known my husband would look so darned good in cammies I would have been buying them for him for the last 19 years. LOL But, he's still his grouchy self.....he looks real hot but still a grouchy old man. LOL Gotta love him.

Now, I'm off for my job interview this morning. I'm not sure how I feel about this whole working outside the home thing. But I suppose I need to just get used to it. LOL


Bren said...

How did the interview go. What where you applying for. My dad was an avid hunter, and my husband is not which is ok with me

Lisadwb said...

Oh my goodness. Last month we had a deer hanging in our garage. LOL


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