Saturday, January 31, 2009

Elemental Doodles Pre-Order Sale!!!!

WooHoo!!!! This is just what many of you have been waiting for. The announcement will be made on the ED blog and website this weekend but I wanted to go ahead and make the announcement with coupon code here first. :-)

Elemental Doodles is now taking pre-orders for their initial set release that is scheduled for March 2009. The Pre-Order Sale is 25% off any orders of any size that uses the coupon code below:

Go to , click on Catalog in the left side navigation, click on Stamps in the body of the Catalog page, click on New Releases and then select the sets you want to add to your cart. When you enter this code in the cart you MUST click the RECALCULATE button at the bottom so that the cart will apply the discount. Otherwise, the discount will not be applied.

All orders will ship as soon as the first run is received (expected delivery date into the ED office is by the first week of March if not sooner).

What is an ATC?

I've had several questions about ATC's (both on the blog and privately) so here is a brief explanation.

I absolutely LOVE working on ATC's. They are miniature works of art. And the stamps from Elemental Doodles are PERFECT for making ATC's.

And ATC is an acronym for Artist Trading Card. The only requirement of an ATC is that is has to be 2.5" X 3.5". This way they will fit into trading card sleeves for those who collect them. Many artists trade these cards....many use them just to send out the same as you would regular cards. They are normally made with a CS base just like any other card. However, they can be made using any material as a base as long as the finished product is exactly 2.5" X 3.5".

Sunday, January 25, 2009

ATC - Easter

Hey ya'll, I finally had a chance to play with one of our new stamp sets for ED. This is the ATC I worked on tonight. I am going to redo it though. I forgot to lighten my pencil oval outline so that it wouldn't show up. :-( So please overlook that. I just really wanted to get this ATC posted.

ATC - Easter
Supplies Used:
Stamps - Elemental Doodles
Printed Paper - Making Memories
Inks - Various Versamark and Palette Inks (TAC)
Miscellaneous - Crystal Glitter, Spiral Clip, Adhesive Dot Roller, Tombow Glue Pen (all from TAC).

Very easy card to do. This card is made using Elemental Stamping technique with Elemental Doodles' Easter stamp set.
  1. Cut printed background paper to 3.75X2.75" (yes, I know, this is a wee bit larger than a normal ATC but I cut the white part first and stamped without thinking about the size I needed for my printed background - if this bothers you then cut your Printed Background paper to 3.5X2.5 and your white CS to just 1/4" smaller).
  2. Cut White CS to 3.5X2.5".
  3. Ink the solid bunny with Pallete Noir ink and stamp center on the bottom of the "frame".
  4. Ink the bow stamp in a light color (I used a pale pink here) and stamp center top of the "frame".
  5. Repeat step 4 above using a darker shade of the same color leaving a little bit of the lighter color showing around the edges creating a shadow effect.
  6. Ink the open carrot orange and the greenery green (this is easy to do with clear stamps because you can actually see where you are inking). Stamp this carrot randomly around your "frame" turning the stamp periodically so it is facing different directions.
  7. Ink the solid carrot the same way as the open carrot and do the same thing.
  8. Ink the palm fronds with a light green and use as a filler between the carrots.
  9. Repeat step 8 with a darker green.
  10. Ink the swirly deco image with a metallic color (I used gold) and stamp randomly around the "frame".
  11. Ink the Bunny face image in Palette Noire and stamp in the center.
  12. Using a sponge and dark blue ink (or other dark color of your choice to complement printed paper and colors in your image) and sponge all around the edges of both White CS and Printed Paper.
  13. Using the glue pen, outline both papers and then dip into Crystal Glitter.
  14. Let glue dry.
  15. Apply adhesive to the back of the white CS and adhere to center of printed paper.
  16. Add Spiral Clip as a decoration to one of the sides.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

ATC - Love & Laughter

This is ATC number 2 that I did today.

ATC - Love & Laughter
Supplies Used (TAC unless otherwise noted):
Stamps: T-2981 Love & Laughter
Cardstock: Brown Textured, Light Pink
Ribbon: Miscellaneous Brown with gold specks
Coloring Medium: Pink Marker
Inks: TAC Palette Burnt Umber
Embossing Powder: Transcendence
Miscellaneous: Double Stick Tape, Crystal Lacquer, 1/8" Hole Punch, Crystal Glitter, Crystal Glitter, Tombow Mono Multi Glue.

  1. Cut brown CS to 2.5X3.5"
  2. Cut pink CS to 2X3"
  3. Stamp and emboss Tree image in Palette Burnt Umber (remove ink from tiny butterflies and recolor with a Pink Marker - breathe on stamp to remoisten ink just before stamping).
  4. Using single heart image from T-3025 Love Blooms set, stamp using Pink Marker at ends of a few branches. Do not emboss.
  5. Stamp sayings at top and bottom with Palette Burnt Umber ink and emboss.
  6. Using pen tip apply glue to tiny butterflies and sprinkle on glitter. Tap off excess.
  7. Punch holes in top center of pink CS.
  8. Feed ribbon through and tie bow.
  9. Attach to brown CS with double stick tape roller.
  10. Apply Crystal Lacquer to hearts and let dry.

ATC - Love Blooms

I've been working on a few different ATC's the last couple of days. And will have more to share over the next few days as well.

Love Blooms ATC
Supplies Used (TAC, unless otherwise noted):
Stamps: T-3025 Love Blooms
Cardstock: Red Textured, Ultrasmooth White
Ribbon: Black Satin, 1/8"
Coloring Medium: N/A
Inks: TAC Palette Noir, Palette L'Amore Red, Versamark
Embossing Powder: Transcendence
Miscellaneous: Double Stick Tape, Foam Dots, Crystal Lacquer, Silver Mini Brads, 1/16" Hole Punch, Large Eye Needle, Crystal Glitter, Tombow Mono Multi Glue, Sponge, Slice, Noteworthy Slice Design Card.

  1. Cut 2.5X3.5 Red CS.
  2. Cut 1.5X1.5 shap using the Slice (or other 1.5" punch/cutter)
  3. Using Versamark ink stamp mini hearts all over red background paper.
  4. Using a ruler, mark with a pencil dots every 1/4" along both long sides (approximately 1/4" from edge on both sides).
  5. Punch out holes where you just marked.
  6. Stamp vase and stems using Palette Noire ink on white squares.
  7. Stamp heart flowers using Palette L'Amore Red ink on white squares.
  8. Using sponge dab Palette L'Amore Red ink along edges of white squares.
  9. Using Tombow adhesive pen and crystal glitter edge white squares with glitter.
  10. While glitter and glue are drying, lace up sides with black ribbon. First attach one end to the bottom hole with a silver mini brad. Then, using the large eye needle, thread the ribbon up and around and down the other side. Secure the other end with another silver mini brad. Cut off excess ribbon from both sides.
  11. Adhere white squares to front of card using 3D foam pop dots.
  12. Add Crystal Lacquer to the heart flower buds and let dry.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My baby won 3rd place

I am so proud of my baby. He entered a lego building contest at his school that was sponsored by the National Association of Women In Construction ( . This is the first contest he's ever entered. Each participant had 1 hour to build something construction related using only 100 legos. He was done with his in about 20 minutes. His is the Eiffel Tower and Paris surrounding it.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I had a chance to create 2 different ATC's today. I am not posting the instructions to these unless someone asks. They're pretty simple to do.

Stamps are all from Elemental Doodles.
The shapes cut out on the blue and brown ATC were cut out using the Noteworthy Design Cart for the Slice.
Green ribbon is Making Memories.
Printed Paper is from K&Company tag pads.
Glitter Gel Pens were used to color in the flower on the left. Twinks were used on the right.

Fairy Card

Here is a fairy card that I worked on today.

Fairy Card
Supplies Used
Stamps: Elemental Doodles
Cardstock: TAC (textured brown, Cream), SU (light blue)
Printed Paper: Making Memories
Ribbon: Miscellaneous
Coloring Medium: Twinkling H2O
Inks: TAC Palette Burnt Umber
Embossing Powder: Transcendence
Miscellaneous: Double Stick Tape, Foam Dots, Cuttlebug, Cuttlebug Embossing Folder, Gold Embellishment from Making Memories.

This is really a very simple card to make.
  1. Cut and fold light blue CS to regular card size.
  2. Emboss front of light blue CS.
  3. Cut chocolate brown textured CS to the desired size .
  4. Cut the printed paper to just smaller than the brown CS.
  5. Cut cream CS just a tad smaller than the printed paper.
  6. Stamp fairy image in Burnt Umber ink and emboss.
  7. Color fairy using Twinks.
  8. Add a touch of glitter for embellishment.
  9. Using finger dauber (or other pouncing tool) add burnt umber ink to the edges of the cream CS.
  10. Add gold embellishment from Making Memories.
  11. wrap and tie ribbon around center of card (where card opens up instead of out). I add a little adhesive to the back of the ribbon so it will stick to the card better without moving.
  12. Add layers to front of card. Use 3D foam dots to mount the top layer with the fairy.

New Stamps Arrived

WooHoo!!!!! I just got some new stamps to play with (more samples from our ED line of images before they go for final manufacture).

AND, I am expecting some new stamps that I just ordered from TAC to arrive any day now (hoping for today).

Soooooo, I am going to do my very best to play this afternoon so that I can get some new projects posted for ya'll. I'll be playing with both ED stamps and TAC stamps.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Personal Update

I thought I would post a real quick personal update here. As ya'll know I went on a job interview last week. I got the job. WooHoo!!! I'm now just waiting on all the paperwork to come back to HR so that I can get started with orientation, etc. They send out the paperwork for background and reference checks so it isn't something that happens right away. But hey, I'm just glad I got the job.

I also went to the college for orientation for the program I wanted to get into , General Ultrasound. Well, I don't think I'll be doing that this fall. And after talking to the instructor at the orientation I think the best thing for me to do since I already have a degree in Cardiovascular Ultrasound is to just audit a few of the classes for CVT and get into working in that field instead. Why? Because I will be working 7p-7a 3 -4 nights/week and the program classes run from 9a-4p M-F. There would be no time to sleep between classes and work and certainly no time to study. And I know from going through the heart US class that it is a very intense program and there's just no way to keep up with everything if there is no time to study.

So, I've scrapped the going back to college full time this fall idea. I will, however, take a few classes here and there as time permits.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pear Card

Well I finally got a chance to play with my Slice machine today. While it does have it's little "issues" I have to say that I think I am going to go ahead and keep my little machine. MM people said they are working on the "issues" and will make sure I am taken care of when a solution has been found. Soooooo, I will just deal with the wonky cuts every now and then because I absolutely loved playing today. I picked up 2 more design cards today....Noteworthy and Basic Shapes 2. I haven't played with Basic Shapes 2 yet but am loving Noteworthy. I almost didn't get it but am so glad I did anyway.

Oh yeah, and my other purchase today was a little disappointing but actually made me space my spending a little. LOL I went to Michael's and they had the Cuttlebugs, Cuttlekids and all the accessories on SALE for 50% off today. So I was going to go ahead and get me one of those little Cuttlebugs but they were all out. :-( They DID give me a raincheck for one at the discounted rate and it will be in stock in 2 weeks. WooHoo!!! Kim was over today and I played with hers and decided this is a must have gadget for me. LOL

And here's the card that this post was originally supposed to be showing off. LOL

Pear Card
I made several of this card in different colors.
Supplies Used:
~Plain Old CS in various colors
~Printed Paper - Making Memories
~Cuttlebug Embossing Folder (don't recall the name of this one)
~ Ink - Noir Palette (TAC)
~Embossing Powder - Transcendence (TAC)
~Coloring Medium - Twinkling H2O
~Foam Dots (TAC)
~Green Ribbon
~Tiny Hole Punch
~Decorative Brads - Making Memories
1. Cut and fold CS to regular card size
2. Emboss front of CS
3. Cut shapes from printed paper using Slice Noteworthy Design Card (3 1/2" and 4")
4. Cut tag shape using Slice Noteworthy Design Card (2") on matching plain CS
5. Stamp and emboss Pear and Pear Leaves
6. Adhere 4" shape to front of card
7. Color Pear and Pear leaves with H2O's
8. Adhere 3 1/2" shape to center of 4" shape using foam dots.
9. Punch tiny hole in center of tag and add Decorative Brad
10. Ad ribbon to tag and adhere to bottom of card using foam dots

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My New Toy......the Slice

Slice and I have had some run over the last week. I got my Slice about a week ago. I am so excited because this is the first cutting machine (other than hand held punches LOL) I've ever owned. I was attracted to the size and portability of the Slice and the fact that it has several cartridges with designs available. So here we go on our little journey......

The day I got home with the Slice I was so anxious to get started playing. I unpacked everything and even read the manual that came along with it. I pulled out the little tube of adhesive that came with it. Well, it was dried up. :-(

No problem.....I'll just use a little repositionable tape in the corners of the glass cutting mat. Wait, that didn't work either. It doesn't hold the paper down in the center and so the cut gets all messed up because the paper moves all over. Next I put a piece of the tape in other places on the mat. This didn't work either because every time the blade went over an area where the tape was it would "stick" a little.

Off I went back to AC Moore to pick up a new tube of adhesive. And while I was there I went ahead and used another 50% off coupon for the pretty little carrying case for the Slice (yes, I used a 50% off coupon earlier that same day for the Slice machine too LOL).

I get home to try out the adhesive and guess what????? IT WAS DRIED OUT TOO!!!! Now, I live about 25 minutes from AC Moore so I was NOT about to go back for yet a 3rd trip. So finally, last night, hubby took me to Wally World and I picked up a can of Elmer's Craft Bond Spray Adhesive (it's temporary or permanent depending on how you use it). I didn't feel up to working with it last night so it waited until today.

***Mental Note*** Don't spray a spray adhesive in your lap with the dog laying next to you and a blanket covering your lap. ROTF. Yes, I did this. Didn't even think about the overspray and getting it all over the blanket and the dog. It does come out in the wash though. Thankfully because that was my favorite blanket.

Anyway, this adhesive worked wonderfully. Now, a little about the Slice. It doesn't cut exactly as you want for every shape and size. Smaller circles look warped. And the smaller scallops and squares are a little out of shape. This was way worse before I had an appropriate adhesive. But it did get better once I did the spray adhesive. Some things are still a little out of wack and warped but it's not something I absolutely cannot live without.

Job Update

Ok, so here's the scoop.....I need a job, at least while we work on getting ED up and running strong and while I'm in school....

I already have a degree in Cardiovascular Ultrasound. However, I did not sit for the registry exam and it's been 11 years since I've worked in the medical field. Soooo, I am going back to school for General Ultrasound and will audit a few cardio scanning classes during the semesters that I don't have a full load. BUT, I really need to work in the meantime because school will be a 3 year run.

So I've been submitting applications for CNA work to hold me over until I can work as an US Tech.

Yesterday I had an interview at a hospital and I'm pretty sure I have the job. The nurse I interviewed with would like for me to start monday (provided HR gets everything ready by then). Basically we're just waiting for HR to get everything together so I can start (background check, drug screening, reference check, etc). The job is mine once this is all done. I will be working the 7p-7a shift 3 nights/week and will have the option of picking up additional shifts if I choose. This shift works out perfectly for me with my 2 younger kids being in year round school. It means I won't have to pay out the nose for childcare when they're tracked out. My oldest son will be home early in the morning to get the little ones up and ready for school. I will be home in time to see them off. And of course you know I'll have to wind down before I can go to sleep so all my computer work will be done before going to bed. Since I'll only be working 3 days a week that still gives me time to work on ED and my studies.

See, I've got it all figured out. :-)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ceramic Tissue Box

Ceramic Tissue Box

This is a ceramic tissue box that I stamped several years ago. This is also done using a RE set that has been retired but will be released in our Clear Stamp line in 2009. This set is currently available in red rubber while supplies last. Once the rubber is sold out it will be revised and revived as clear stamps. This is a very versatile and fun set and has been one of my favorites.

Supplies Used:
~1 Ceramic Bisque Tissue Box.
~Stamps - Fairy Set (Elemental Doodles/RE)
~White CS (for 3D Butterflies
~Coloring Medium (Faerie Myst paints were used on this and heat set)
~Ink - Memories Black Dye Ink
~Transcendence EP
~White gloss paint
Paint Brushes and sponges.

1. Clean bisque tissue box with sponge and plain water. Let this dry completely.
2. Paint entire box with white gloss paint (acrylic is what I used here).
3. Using a small sponge or stipple brush stipple or pounce 2-3 different complimentary colors on all edges of the box and heat set if necessary.
4. Stamp fairy images on all 4 sides of the box and emboss with Transcendence EP. Keep the heat gun moving and be watchful that you do not heat one spot too much or your white paint may bubble up.
5. Stamp butterfly image on top and emboss as in step 4.
6. Stamp butterfly image on a piece of white CS and emboss.
7. Color images using coloring medium of choice (I used faerie myst paints and heat set here).
8. Color butterfly on CS to match the one on the tissue box and then cut it out.
9. Optional step depending on the coloring medium you use. If it needs to be sealed then you will want to spray with either a matte or gloss clear, nonyellowing sealer of choice.
10. Glue the CS butterfly directly over the one on the tissue box to give it a 3D effect.

Baby Sets

Baby Sets

I know these baby sets are a little hard to see but this is all I had. These were made several years ago. These images are from one of the RE sets of images that Elemental Doodles (ED) will be releasing sometime in 2009. This set IS available in rubber at this time (until it is sold out) but the rubber has been retired and it will be redone as a Clear Stamp set. Release date will be announced soon.

On a Personal Note.....

Ok, so my guys went hunting for new year and left me home alone with the 2 little ones. No big deal. The little ones and I went to church and had a blast playing games, eating and spending time with our church family. Oh yeah, the big guys did stop by the church just long enough to eat with us. LOL

Soooo, my 16 year old got a deer this weekend. Being that this is the first hunting season he and his dad have had and this was his first "kill" he was so excited. THEN they inform me that there is going to be a dead deer hanging in my garage. As if THAT wasn't bad enough, they get home and then inform me that there is a dead SKINNED deer hanging in my garage. Great, I had invited a couple friends over for stamping saturday.....NOT going to happen now that I know my guys will be out there cutting up a dead deer. NOT a site I want my stampin' friends to pull into my driveway and witness. LOL So I made every effort to avoid the garage while this deer was hanging out there. But don't you know I got a glimpse of it anyway. Oh how gross. I felt so bad for that poor deer and now hubby expects me to actually cook and eat this meat????? I am not so sure about this. But now that we have a freezer full of deer meat I suppose I'm not going to have much of a choice.......I wonder if I can just convince my guys to just have one of my meal shakes instead. LOL That's not going to happen. I can say this though, if I had known my husband would look so darned good in cammies I would have been buying them for him for the last 19 years. LOL But, he's still his grouchy self.....he looks real hot but still a grouchy old man. LOL Gotta love him.

Now, I'm off for my job interview this morning. I'm not sure how I feel about this whole working outside the home thing. But I suppose I need to just get used to it. LOL

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Picture Frame

Picture Frame

This picture frame was decorated with a stamp set from Elemental Doodles. The picture is of me and DH. We visited a local winery and the picture was taken at the wine tasting. Perfect picture for this set of images.
Supplies Used:
Stamps - Elemental Doodles
Picture Frame (Michael's)
Versamagic Ink Pads
Misc. Ribbon
Mini Grape Cluster (AC Moore)

Sneak Peak

Check out the Sneak Peak at . I thought this might help for those of you who are thinking of submitting a design team application.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Quiz: What Scrapbooking Item Are You?

I was Glue:

You are GLUE!
You are the adhesive that keeps things together. You go through life helping others. You stick to people and try to keep people together. You like it best when you are surrounded by people and able to help them. But Glue Beware - in your efforts to keep everyone together and with you, you sometimes overlook yourself and find it hard to keep yourself together. Don't neglect personal time in your overwhelming need to socialize and help others.

Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers #27

I just had to join this SBS group thing. LOL I figured it would be fun to link up with other stampers and crafters. So here's my intro for SBS Group #27.

My name is Melodie Hand. I've been stamping on and off for 15+ years now. I live in Raleigh, NC with my husband and our 4 sons (7, 10, 16 and 18). Yes, I'm seriously outnumbered. LOL I have been a licensed nail tech for 20 years now. Owned my own salon in FL for over 10 years. Retired from the industry so that I could be home with my kids while they were young. Went back to college to get my degree in Echocardiography but never really worked in the field because I started having more babies. LOL When we moved to NC I started a stamp business called Rubbertree Enterprises. We offered our own line of images from several different artists. Then my oldest son (13 at the time) expressed an interest in the culinary field so I put my rubberstamping on hold and opened a chocolate business with him. He is now 18 and currently attending culinary school. He's figured out he does NOT like making chocolate so that business is left up to me to run. BUT, now that all the kids are in school I'm going back to college myself for General Ultrasound. AND, on top of that am reviving my old line of images under a new company name, Elemental Doodles (check out my ED blog and website and ).

As for my stamping.......I love stamps of all kinds but clear stamps are my new favorite. I am more cutesy or realistic with my stamping style. I love the more abstract artistic type of stamping but just cannot seem to bring it all together myself. I do mostly cards, ATC's and 3D projects.

My other interests are reading (love to read but not fiction), herbal medicine and being a career student. I love to learn new things and can't seem to get enough.

Be sure to visit the other bloggers in our SBS group (you can see them listed to the right).


ON A NEW ADVENTURE!!!! I have been a nail technician for nearly 23 years. Been in and out of the industry all that time. I'm pleased to announce that I am BACK in the industry that I love with a passion. And not only that......I am back into manufacture of my own line of bath and body products. Back with Stampin' Up. And back with Herbalife. Check out my websites!!!!

Tickled Pink Salon -

Tickled Pink Bath Boutique (selling out fast) at

My Herbalife pages:

My Stampin' Up Page: