Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Project I worked on with my kids

My 9 year old and 7 year old absolutely love to stamp with me. While looking through my supplies my 9 year old found some "puzzles" that I had that were unstamped. So we ventured out to stamp up some puzzles.

This first puzzle was done by my 9 year old. The image used is a Rubbernecker image. He used markers to color it. Then we heat set and sprayed with a sealer.

This second puzzle was done by my 7 year old. I did help with stamping the image because it was a large image and we found out from stamping Samuel's (my 9 year old's) that it's not so easy to stamp on puzzles.

This would be the puzzle that I did. The stamps used are all TAC stamps. The background was done with a sponge and soft colored ink pads.

Stationery Box

All of the images below are of a Stationery Box that was made using all TAC stamps and papers. This was not my original idea....I got the printed instructions from the following SU site http://jackietopa.typepad.com/addicted_to_stamping/tutorials/index.html

This is the Greeting Card that is in the very back of the stationery box. There are 3 of these included as well as envelopes.

These images (from left to right) are mini gift tags, mini note cards, mini envelopes, address book and stamp and pen area.
The address book is completely handmade. BUT, I have decided on my next go around I will be making the address book out of a mini composition notebook.

Just a few projects

Both of the images here are mini clipboards that I altered using TAC stamps and papers. The ribbons used were just some scraps that I had laying around. I save all my scraps no matter how large or small they are because they oftentimes come in handy for projects such as these.


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