Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Chocolate Biz Adventure

WooHoo!!!!! I am so excited and wanted to share this wonderful opportunity with all of you.

Hey everyone, In addition to my regular chocolate business, I am now also an Independent DOVE Chocolate at Home® Chocolatier. Now I can easily offer Chocolate Tasting Parties in your home (for those in the Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas - catalog parties available for those outside the area).

What a GREAT way to entertain your friends.
A few themes I can work with (not limited to these though):
Girls Night Out
Cool Concoctions
Summer Celebrations
Truffles To Die For

We have some really terrific products available: Martini Mixes, Truffle Brownie Mixes, Boxed Truffles, Beverage Mixes, Professional Quality Chocolate, Molds and much much more. There's something for everyone.

Visit my website today for more information, to book a party or to join my team. http://www.dovechocolateathome.com/mhand Or, email me at mel@javamels.com

By signing up to join my team you are not only getting the training provided by Dove Chocolate......you're also getting my personal experience of nearly 20 years of working with chocolate and 5 years of working as a professional Chocolatier with my own chocolate business. If you're thinking about signing up to be a DOVE Chocolate at Home® Chocolatier.....think fast.....sign up before the end of June and have the option of paying only $50 (plus shipping) for your kit up front with the balance of $349 due in 60 days. I am told this offer will not last beyond June 2008. I took advantage of this payment plan and so can you!!! So hurry!!!


ON A NEW ADVENTURE!!!! I have been a nail technician for nearly 23 years. Been in and out of the industry all that time. I'm pleased to announce that I am BACK in the industry that I love with a passion. And not only that......I am back into manufacture of my own line of bath and body products. Back with Stampin' Up. And back with Herbalife. Check out my websites!!!!

Tickled Pink Salon - http://www.TickledPinkSalon.com

Tickled Pink Bath Boutique (selling out fast) at http://www.TickledPinkBath.com

My Herbalife pages:

My Stampin' Up Page: