Sunday, February 8, 2009

SBS 27 - Sisters please read

Hey ya'll,
I want to personally welcome each of our SBS 27 members to the group. I do not have email addresses for all of you yet. So I'm making this announcement here on my blog with hopes that you will all see it.

I have set up a yahoogroup for SBS 27 members so that we can keep in touch with each other easier. Please be sure to send me your email address privately at or so that I can make sure you get an invite to join our group. Brenda, one of our SBS 27 members has already started putting together a birthday list for our little group. She is also going to be a moderator on our yahoogroup. So you will want to be sure to hook up with Brenda and get your birthday and mailing address to her so you can be added to the birthday list.

Please be sure to pick up your SBS 27 badge at and add it to your blog. In addition, please be sure to add the links to your other SBS 27 group sisters to your blogroll for our group. And once you have joined our little group be sure to stop by everyone's blogs and post a hello. If you are not a member of SBS 27 but would like to be please feel free to stop by the blog listed above and sign up to be included in our blogring. Members are limited to 20 and spaces are filling up fast (there are only 4 left as of the date of this post).

Thank you. I am now off to visit each of your blogs and check in with you all. :-)


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