Thursday, May 29, 2008

Birth Announcements

These two Birth Announcement cards were made using thefollowing:

Stamp Images: KISS12 Rubbertree-Enterprises (retired sheet)
Coloring Medium: combination of Faerie Myst paints and Faerie Dust
Cardstock: from Michael's
Shrink Plastic was used for the little "dangles" - stamped images and colored with markers and then accented with Faerie Myst paints after they were shrunk down to give them shimmer.


These bookmarks are some I did using our old line of images and they were colored with Faerie Myst Paints.

Stamp Credits: Dragonfly Maiden Sheet # CLN004 Rubbertree-Enterprises & Tea Time Fairies Sheet also Rubbertree-Enterprises.

Coloring Medium: Faerie Myst Paints

Embroidery floss was used to attach the tiny "teabag" to the TeaTime Bookmark.

Fluffy Yarn from AC Moore was used to make the bookmark tassels.

Both bookmarks were laminated using the Xyron laminating machine.

Organza ribbon was added to the Dragonfly Maiden Bookmark as accent over the drape she's holding in the original stamped image.

Stamps used to make the Dragonfly Maiden Bookmark are available at on the Stampin' Yard Sale page. There are only a few of this sheet available and once they're gone they're gone as we will not be manufacturing anymore of them.

Pull Up Candy Bar Wraps

While these Pull Up Candy Bar Wraps were not handstamped I still wanted to share them here. These are available through my chocolate company's direct sales division, . They are not on the website yet as I have not uploaded them there but will be in the next few days.

I purchase a license agreement to use select candy bar wrapper templates and graphics for commercial use. The wrappers represented here were purchased for that purpose. The back of the wrappers are actually blank so my clients can either specify a custom message to be printed or they can just go with the standard message or I can leave it entirely blank for them to handwrite in their custom message.

The bars shown are regular milk chocolate Hershey Bars, Special Dark Hershey Bars, Almond/Milk Hershey Bars, and 1/2 ounce milk Hershey Bars. And I got the wrap idea from a SU friend locally and just modified the idea to fit all the candy bars we offer (including bars we manufacture ourselves as opposed to using only Hershey products as we use relatively few Hershey products).

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Groovy In Denim Cards

Ok, so yeah, I'm hooked on the hippie stamps. LOL I've just been in one of those moods lately.

Stamps are TAC retired stamps. The denim stamp is stamped on an old pair of my son's jeans.
Background paper is brayered.
Eyelets are used on the jeans to attach the "belt" which is embroidery floss.

Mini Flower brads are used to attach the piece to a card.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Magic Mushroom Card

Below are 3 images of a card I just finished. I call it the Magic Mushroom.
Stamps Used are from a retired TAC set (TAC740 I believe)
Coloring Medium is a combination of Faerie Myst paints and colored glitter glue.
Background paper used is from SU.
Pull string and Peace charm are from I have no clue. LOL
Be gentle....this is the first card I've done in over 4 years. :-)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Graduation Announcement

I posted this on my xanga blog but you have to be a member of xanga to post comments so I am moving my blog posts to blogspot. :-)

Ok, so I finally got these completed. Although I did not use any stamps in this project I think it turned out quite nice. The only thing left for me to do is address the envelopes. And I will most likely use stamps to decorate the envelope. I'll take a pic of that when it's done. But in the meantime here are the pictures of the announcement itself.
His school colors are black and orange. I used 8 1/2" X 11" black cardstock cut down to 7 1/2" squares. And then cut into "envelopes" using a template provided by a friend. Layered with orange cardstock and then with the insert that I printed out on glossy brochure paper. The insert that is by itself is there to show the backside. The blank section is the part that is glued to the orange layer. The orange tassel is made with embroidery floss and attached with a tiny brad.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Welcome to my little stamping world. I have been digging through a ton of stuff that I had stashed away and will be scanning some projects, etc to post here.

I have been away from stamping for several years now. And am just now coming out of a deep "stamping hybernation". :-) So bear with me while I get everything organized and posted.

I used to own a rubberstamping business many years ago. And while going through all my "stuff" I found a ton of inventory we had left over from closing that business. ALL of this inventory can be found at on the Stampin' Yard Sale page. Everything on this page is marked down considerably from normal retail prices. So please feel free to visit the website. Once the stuff on the site is gone it's gone for good as I will not be reordering any of it.

My first project posted will be my oldest son's graduation announcement. I can't wait to have this completed. I'm so proud of him, but sad at the same time as my oldest baby is growing up.

I'm looking forward to connecting with other rubberstampers here at blogspot.


ON A NEW ADVENTURE!!!! I have been a nail technician for nearly 23 years. Been in and out of the industry all that time. I'm pleased to announce that I am BACK in the industry that I love with a passion. And not only that......I am back into manufacture of my own line of bath and body products. Back with Stampin' Up. And back with Herbalife. Check out my websites!!!!

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