Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Just wanted to post a heads up here that there is a Design Team Call at . This is a new company (yes, my images & part my company) and it is scheduled to launch on or before March 2009.

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Ramblings

Last weekend my 9 year old and I went to help out at a local ministry church that provides some very much needed services and such to the needy in our area. I felt so very blessed to have even had the privilege to meet these wonderful people and to have the opportunity to serve them. Well, my 9 year old helped out with the clothes and toys. We went out for lunch afterward to discuss what we did that morning. To my surprise he tells me "mom, I really did not know that there REALLY ARE kids that don't even have ONE toy, or food, or new clothes." Apparently he thought that when we told him these things and how he needed to be thankful for what he has that we were making it all up. Then he followed this conversation with "Mom, I really would like to go help out every month when you go. And I want to go through my toys and get the unbroken ones to bring to the kids that don't have any at all". You talk about making a mother proud. It just brought tears to my eyes to hear my 9 year old say these things. This is something that I think every child should experience. Not only to make them more thankful for what they have...but to really show them what it means to serve others.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mimi Merry Christmas Reindeer Card

Mimi Merry Christmas Reindeer Card
I absolutely love this stamp set from TAC. My son and husband have a lawn business and wanted several different designs of cards to send to their clients. This is one of the card designs they selected when I was done creating. :-)

Supplies Used (all TAC):
V-223 Ivory Ultrasmooth & B-311 Mimi
Stamps: T-2701 Christmas Season, TA-2978 Just For You Level A Hostess Set
Ink: TT-218 Palette Burnt Umber & TT-220 Palette Noir
Coloring Medium: A-505 Jewel Tones Chalk Kit
Embellishments: B-211 Mimi Ribbon, A-287 Prisma Glitter
Miscellaneous: C-151 Transcendence EP, D-89 Circle Pop It! Pop Dots, D-91 Kokuyo Permanent Adhesive Dot N Roller, D-97 Tombow Mono Multi Glue, F-490 Corner Rounder

Newborn King Christmas Card

Newborn King Christmas Card
This is another one of my Clear Cards. I love the way these cards look and they are different than what you can find in the stores so they make really unique cards for giving on any occasion.

Supplies Used (all TAC except ribbon):
Cardstock: V-233 Dark Green Cardstock, V-223 Ivory Ultrasmooth, F-47 Clear Acetate
Stamps: T-3045 Holiday Collages
Ink: TT-218 Palette Burnt Umber Hybrid Ink Pad, TT-220 Palette Noir, S291 Brilliance Galaxy Gold, S293 Brilliance Starlight Silver, TT-196 Palette Moulin Rouge
Embellishments: Ribbon Scrap, Mini Brads
Miscellaneous: C-151 Transcendence Embossing Powder, K-100 Crop-A-Dile, D-91 Kokuyo Permanent Adhesive Dot N Roller

Snowman Soup Cocoa Gift Packet

Snowman Soup Cocoa Gift Packet
Ok, yes I know it should have a snowman image on the front but I didn't have one handy when I made this so it ended up being Santa Soup instead. LOL Anyway, inside this packet is a cello bag filled with a couple of cocoa packets, holiday shaped marshmallows and 2 fancy candy bars (you could also put several of the Hershey nuggets instead). I'm putting these in the gift package that my kids will be taking to their teachers at school before Christmas break. I got this idea from a friend of mine who had an example in her workshop.

Supplies Used:
Cardstocks: White, Red, Light Blue & Hunter Green
Stamps: T-2701 Christmas Season
Ink: TT-220 Palette Noir & S-1179 Versamark Pad
Coloring Medium: F-462 Stardust Glittering Gel Pens
Embellishments: Ribbon Scraps
Miscellaneous: C-151 Transcendence EP, K-100 Crop-A-Dile, D-89 Circle Pop It! Pop Dots, D-91 Kokuyo Permanent Adhesive Dot N Roller; Large Cello Bag

Christmas Angel Card

Christmas Angel Card
This is a card I did using an old medium that I've not used in a very long time. It's a medium that I truly wish were still around because I absolutely loved it.

Supplies Used:
Cardstocks: Red, White & Hunter Green
Stamps: T-2953 Just Dream & T3045 Holiday Collages
Ink: TT-220 Palette Noir
Coloring Medium: Magical Faerie Myst Paints
Embellishments: Ribbon Scraps, Poinsettia pieces, F-771 Matte Heritage Mini Brads
Miscellaneous: C-151 Transcendence EP, D-89 Circle Pop It! Pop Dots, D-91 Kokuyo Permanent Adhesive Dot N Roller


ON A NEW ADVENTURE!!!! I have been a nail technician for nearly 23 years. Been in and out of the industry all that time. I'm pleased to announce that I am BACK in the industry that I love with a passion. And not only that......I am back into manufacture of my own line of bath and body products. Back with Stampin' Up. And back with Herbalife. Check out my websites!!!!

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