Monday, January 5, 2009

Ceramic Tissue Box

Ceramic Tissue Box

This is a ceramic tissue box that I stamped several years ago. This is also done using a RE set that has been retired but will be released in our Clear Stamp line in 2009. This set is currently available in red rubber while supplies last. Once the rubber is sold out it will be revised and revived as clear stamps. This is a very versatile and fun set and has been one of my favorites.

Supplies Used:
~1 Ceramic Bisque Tissue Box.
~Stamps - Fairy Set (Elemental Doodles/RE)
~White CS (for 3D Butterflies
~Coloring Medium (Faerie Myst paints were used on this and heat set)
~Ink - Memories Black Dye Ink
~Transcendence EP
~White gloss paint
Paint Brushes and sponges.

1. Clean bisque tissue box with sponge and plain water. Let this dry completely.
2. Paint entire box with white gloss paint (acrylic is what I used here).
3. Using a small sponge or stipple brush stipple or pounce 2-3 different complimentary colors on all edges of the box and heat set if necessary.
4. Stamp fairy images on all 4 sides of the box and emboss with Transcendence EP. Keep the heat gun moving and be watchful that you do not heat one spot too much or your white paint may bubble up.
5. Stamp butterfly image on top and emboss as in step 4.
6. Stamp butterfly image on a piece of white CS and emboss.
7. Color images using coloring medium of choice (I used faerie myst paints and heat set here).
8. Color butterfly on CS to match the one on the tissue box and then cut it out.
9. Optional step depending on the coloring medium you use. If it needs to be sealed then you will want to spray with either a matte or gloss clear, nonyellowing sealer of choice.
10. Glue the CS butterfly directly over the one on the tissue box to give it a 3D effect.

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Lisa L. said...

This is so beautiful and creative. Thanks for the instructions.


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