Sunday, September 28, 2008

UM Stamp Storage

I am so new stamps arrived the other day and I actually got a chance to play with them last night. BUT, I am so over storing them in the CD cases. These CD cases were really starting to overrun my stamp area and it was such a pain trying to decide which ones to take with me when I go places to stamp with other people. Soooooo, I figured something else out.

I bought several of the photo storage boxes (in pink and brown of course. LOL )
I also bought several packages of file folders (the ones that have laminate on one side - also in pink and brown)

I cut them in half both ways so they would fit inside the photo storage boxes. Then flipped them inside out. The Creative Cling sticks perfectly to the laminate side of these folders. I like to have an index sheet with each set of stamps so I cut pieces of CS to slip into each "folder".

Then I turned the index cards that come in the box on its side and cut them to the right size (so they just barely stuck out over the stamp "folders" and labeled them with the section titles as they are in our catalog.

So now all my stamps are organized nice and neat in these boxes. I removed all the retired stamp sets and have seperate boxes specifically for my retired stamp sets (these are also organized according to category as they are in the catalog).

This is so much easier for me to carry my stamps away from home rather than trying to figure out what I'm going to put my CD cases in and which sets I will be taking with me.

I'll take a picture of how I did this later this evening.

1 comment:

BarbL said...

So...where's the photo? Would love to see how your system came together and how it works. I find your idea very intriquing!
Barb L. (AH#1)


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