Sunday, May 24, 2009

Magnetic Plaque Gift for Mom

Ok, so this project has absolutely NO STAMPING whatsoever on it. But I wanted to share. My mom got divorced and remarried in 2008 and I am just NOW getting around to doing something for her and her new hubby. Yeah, I know, I'm pathetic. LOL Anyway, I snagged this idea from my good friend and business partner, Kim. She gave me something similar only minus pictures and I just thought it would make a great belated wedding gift for mom and Walt.

Supplies used to create this are as follows:
  • Metal plate things from Lowe's Home Improvement (I forget what they are called but they have lots of holes in them and are kind of thick) need 3 or 4 of these depending on how long you want the plaque to be....I used 3.

2 or 3 colors of CS that contrast each other.
Paper flower petals
Tin Name plates and tin squares
Spellbinders in various shapes and sizes.

Other embellishments of your choice. I used colored wire, a mini clipboard, mini paper clips, etc. Adhesive, Stickles, pictures, etc. Rhinestone shapes


  1. Cut CS to fit the metal plates and adhere with adhesive roller.

  2. Cut out photos and matting for behind them using Nestabilities or other die of your choice and then assemble.

  3. Add magnets to the back of photos.

  4. Add paper flower embellishments at this time if you plan to do so.

  5. Remove adhesive squares from back of tin name plates and tin squares and put a magnet on them instead.

  6. Adhere rhinestone shapes to tin squares.

  7. Write or stamp what you want on the tin nameplates. I just used black permanent marker and then went over the writing with Diamond Stickles.

  8. Add photo to mini clipboard if you are using one.

  9. Using the Crop A Dile, punch holes in the corners of each metal plate through one of the holes and then line up the tin plates with the top and bottom and punch holes so they can be attached.

  10. Make large wire jump rings using a heavy gauge wire. These will be used to feed through the holes and attach each section to each other. This is also used to attach the tin name plates to the top and bottom.

  11. Attach all sections using the jump rings.
  12. Make wire spirals (if this is what you are using as embellishment) using various colors of wire. Attach these to the jump rings and name plates as desired.
  13. Punch 2 holes at the top of the top nameplate and feed your ribbon through them and tie in a knot.
  14. Punch holes at the bottom of the bottom tin nameplate and add another photo if desired.

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Barb said...

What a fun project, Mel!


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